Interview: Brokeree’s Julia Ilichyova talks about new branding and “the team behind the solutions”

LeapRate Interview… Brokeree Solutions’ Operations Director, Julia Ilichyova sat down with us to talk about what motivated the recent rebranding of the company, its team and the development process of the its solutions.

Julia joined Brokeree Solutions in 2017 as Business Development Executive. In 2019 she was promoted to Senior Business Development Executive and in July 2021 to Operational Director. She has over 16 years of experience in finance and business development roles.

LR: Hi Julia and thank you for joining LeapRate today! Last time Brokeree’s CCO Elina Bagautdinova was our guest, that was in January, the company had recently released a major update to Social Trading for MetaTrader 4 and 5. What has changed in the company since then?

Julia: A lot has changed since the major Social Trading update. I would try to state the most noticeable of them. For starters, we have added six Gateways to MetaQuotes AppStore, which allows brokers to directly link specific liquidity providers, like SAXO Bank, EXANTE, LMAX, AC Markets (Europe), etc. We have also released a new Rating Module solution — a product with amazingly wide customization abilities for brokers who hold competitions and need to provide their clients with current ratings. Not to forget our latest news — the launch of an upgraded company’s branding that includes the release of a new logo and website.

Executive Interview with Julia Ilichyova, operations director in Brokeree Solutions

LR: Tell me about your new branding? Does this mean you are planning to expand globally?

Julia: The branding update was unavoidable for various reasons, but here are three general ideas of this project.

Firstly, our previous image was released four years ago. Since then, the whole trading industry has changed and so have we. Our new branding is a clear message about how we want to face these changes: openly and professionally. We kept and highlighted all the details that express Brokeree Solutions the way our clients perceive us but put new meanings into it.

Secondly, the changes that I have mentioned actually affected not only our branding but also the company’s internal processes, including product development. Our actual approach to the solutions and services we offer was hard to convey through previous resources, so we updated them.

Finally, besides new solutions and services for all these years, Brokeree has also developed its team, and the previous website infrastructure was unable to properly highlight this core part of our company.

LR: So, your branding includes a new way to show your team. What exactly do you want to highlight about it?

Julia: This is about a renewed focus on the people who create and distribute Brokeree’s technologies. Internal company communication anyway affects the products and services that clients will have, and we wanted to show our clients some more of it. Seeing the people behind solutions who make their business more efficient, make our clients more confident about us.

LR: What about the solutions development? Has your approach changed here?

Julia: Now major updates of our solutions are scheduled. This way we can not only add functionality required by our clients, but also prepare some additional features. It helps our clients get both tools they want right now, tools just launched in the industry and the ones needed in the near future.

Moreover, the latest versions of our flagship products such as PAMM and Social Trading can become a central element in creating a brokerage trading offer. So, we pay special attention to its customization abilities to enable our clients to implement their branding components into the web interfaces or, contrary, to easily add solutions into the brokerage resources, for example in clients’ rooms or websites.

LR: Brokeree Solutions recently announced a new pricing policy. What does it look like?

Julia: Our new pricing policy is actually a common practice in other industries, but for some reason, technology providers for brokers haven’t used it yet. The key idea is to give our clients the right to choose the degree of solutions’ complexity: do they need only basic options or all available features.

In my opinion it is a very transparent approach, which allows us to build trustful relationships on a new level. Moreover, we have expanded our services offers, so brokers may now request almost any possible help, starting from technical consultations to a whole MetaTrader cluster setup and maintenance.

LR: What can we expect from Brokeree in the near future?

Julia: We will be glad to meet our clients at the following expos, TheForexExpo in Dubai on 29-30 of September and iFX EXPO International on 4-6 of October, to discuss more about t our refined philosophy, pricing policy, and solutions.

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