Brokeree Solutions releases major update to Rating Module

Estonia-based provider of technology solutions for forex brokers Brokeree Solutions has launched a major update to the Ratings Module.  In recent years, the firm has released a few multi-server versions of its flagship solutions like PAMM and Social Trading. The recent updated to Ratings Module follows the company’s aim to develop products based on the needs of its customers.

Elina Bagautdinova, Managing Partner at Brokeree Solutions, commented:

Elina Bagautdinova, Brokeree

Elina Bagautdinova

The main goal for creating new Ratings Module v4 was to find a balance between unprecedented customization capabilities and a simple interface. We listen closely to our clients and see that interactive, colourful, and attractive solutions simply mean more business for brokers. The latest update helps us unveil the true potential of our product.

With the Ratings Module brokers can provide their clients with helpful and interactive trading statistics via customizable widgets. It connects to one or several MetaTrader servers and determines performance indicators, calculated with the help of individual trading histories.

Brokeree Solutions releases major update to Ratings Module

The solution can be especially helpful and convenient to brokers who organize competitions or offer trading through investment platforms, where ratings of money managers or signal providers are important.

When Rating Module finishes the computations, it enables an admin to configure the widget to display all the required data in one place. Brokers can add the module to a website or other applications in just a few minutes. The frontend allows administrators to update widget configuration in real-time. Once a widget is created, any data and switch between three general templates can be added or removed: cards, rows, and tables.

Rating Module v4 also features “badges” used to highlight traders with specific trading strategies or achievements. The feature allows traders with a certain number of followers to be marked as “popular” and the ones with good performance to be get a “top performer” badge.

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