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Brokeree announces opening a new Cyprus office
June 26, 2023 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Brokeree Solutions opens a new office in Cyprus

Julia Ilichyova, the Operations Director at Brokeree Solutions, said: At Brokeree Solutions, we firmly believe that by working hand in hand with brokers and industry partners, we can not only stay ahead of the curve but also pave the way for groundbreaking advancements. The strategic location of our Cyprus office, renowned for its vibrant financial…

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advanced markets x brokeree
June 07, 2023 BY Alan Sayer

Advanced Markets and Brokeree Solutions Team-Up to Enhance Liquidity and Trading Services

Andrey Kamyshanov, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Advanced Markets stated: We're excited to partner with Brokeree Solutions to offer our clients enhanced liquidity and trading services." Anya Aratovskaya, CEO of Brokeree Solutions, added: We are delighted to partner with Advanced Markets and merge our Prime-of-Prime Liquidity with their innovative Liquidity Bridge. This collaboration will permit…

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May 31, 2023 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Aron Groups Broker partners with Brokeree Solutions to launch social trading platform

Farzad Vajihi, Aron Groups Broker’s CEO, commented: We are excited to launch our new social trading platform powered by Brokeree Solutions. It's a game-changer for our clients, enabling them to take advantage of innovative social trading capabilities and enhance their trading strategies. Victor Ivanov, the Regional Head of Business Development (EMEA), added: For several years…

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May 03, 2023 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Brokeree Solutions introduces mobile app for social trading

Brokeree Solutions said: We aim to provide brokers and their clients with the best trading experience possible, and this app is a crucial step in achieving that goal. We believe that this mobile app will make Social Trading even more accessible and user-friendly for users, ultimately helping them achieve their objectives. Another advantage of the…

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April 11, 2023 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Brokeree integrates its Liquidity Bridge with DXtrade CFD trading platform

Following the integration with Liquidity Bridge, all brokers licensing DXtrade CFD will gain access to its technology of liquidity aggregation. The ‘plug-n-play’ implementation allows for quick integration cutting the need additional development or per-broker customization. The comprehensive solution is designed to manage large amounts of liquidity from several sources. Through it, brokers can connect several…

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March 02, 2023 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Brokeree Solutions’ flagship Liquidity Bridge integrates with Match-Prime Liquidity

With the latest integration, traders using MetaTrader4 and 5 trading platforms can simultaneously access Liquidity Bridge and Match-Prime. The official announcement pointed out the personalised approach that the direct integration allows by ensuring easy access to major trading pairs and efficient execution of trades under personalised conditions. Stavros Economides, Chief Operating Officer at Match-Prime Liquidity,…

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February 06, 2023 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Brokeree Solutions’ flagship Social Trading integrates with XCritical

Brokeree Solutions’ flagship investment system, Social Trading, allows brokers to effortlessly launch copy trading across their servers. The solution offers convenient interface which allows users to switch between different MetaTrader 4 and 5 servers in a few clicks. This feature allows signal providers and followers to react quickly to market changes and comfortably control the…

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November 03, 2022 BY Steffy Bogdanova

Brokeree’s flagship Liquidity Bridge integrates with XTRD

The institutional-grade OEMS for digital asset trading XTRD provides a combination of services, including FIX API for digital asset trading, real-time normalized market data feeds, low-latency execution services, and a secure environment inside Equinix data centers. Brokeree said in the press release: In the  liquidity aggregation field, especially in volatile markets such as crypto, it’s…

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