Many Forex brokers and traders aren’t entirely aware of how Forex affiliate marketing works. Fortunately for them, we are here to help. In this guide, we are going to cover all of the relevant aspects of Forex affiliate programs and how they can make the most of them. For anyone who is looking to level up their marketing through the promotion of Forex, then this is the guide they need.

Why Promote Forex?

One of the main reasons that traders move towards promoting Forex is that it’s available 24 hours a day when the market is trading. Monday to Friday, as well as Saturday morning you can work in the Forex market. It also has high levels of liquidity, making it potentially highly profitable.

liquid currency pairs

What makes Forex so accessible for so many people is that it’s easy to get the information you need through the numerous trading news outlets. That ensures there is more information available than with a lot of other trading areas. What are the main areas to focus on when entering into a Forex partnership program?

Take a look at some of the top benefits of Forex affiliate marketing:

  • Consistent Customer Deposits:Forex traders are more likely to continue making deposits to increase their portfolio
  • Long-Term Customers: On the whole customers are looking to trade in the long term, not just for short-term profits
  • Easy to use: Accessing the Forex market is so simple almost anyone can start trading
  • Well Known Around the World: Forex is one of the most trusted and well-known trading instruments in the world
  • High Levels of Growth: Forex trading is growing at a fast rate; this means that new customers are coming along all the time
  • Great Commission Rates: Anyone who carries out Forex affiliate marketing can get access to some incredible levels of commission

Types of Commissions

There are two main types of commissions that can be found through an affiliate program. Both offer different kinds of payments, so it’s important to know what’s on offer when you agree to sign up.


If you enter into a CPA affiliate program, you will be rewarded with a payout every time someone signs up using your link. CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition. So, it essentially is self-explanatory. However, it is necessary to read through the terms as some programs will pay out when the user signs up, some when the user makes a deposit and some when the user makes their first trade. It’s essential to be aware of this so that you know when payments will take place.

Revenue Share

This means precisely what it says. It’s a share of the revenue that the broker makes from the trader who signs up. So when their spread payments are made, you will get a cut of this revenue.

When using our table to choose your preferred affiliate, we offer a star rating for the support that is provided. That is made up using a range of different metrics. We use the quality of the landing page, payouts, support from the affiliate, functionality of the office and the available widgets. All of these come together to ensure that traders are fully aware of the support that is on offer.

Things to Consider

Now the basics have been covered it’s time to look at some more technical aspects. One of the first things that have to be taken into account is the impact of global investment news on the Forex market. It can have both a positive and negative effect, so it’s important to keep watching so that revenues can be predicted and tracked.

It’s also vital for affiliate marketers to track their progress. If information about new sign ups and other aspects of the program aren’t updated in real-time, then it can be hard to track the progress of affiliate earnings.

What Next?

For anyone who feels this is an appealing route to take, then there is only one step to come next. Take a look through the Leaprate table above and from there choose the most suitable affiliate that’s on offer. From there it’s just a short journey to start on the road to making some money.