Vantage FX partners with Brokeree Solutions to introduce PAMM services

Vantage FX, regulated multi-asset brokerage, has teamed up with technology provider for multi-asset brokers Brokeree Solutions, to launch PAMM services for their clientele worldwide.

This partnership allows clients of Vantage FX to register a PAMM account directly via the brokerage’s website and use the platform either as a money manager or investor. Traders can create unlimited investor accounts and money managers can access flexible performance fees to create appealing offers and promote their PAMM accounts.

Vantage FX partners with Brokeree Solutions to introduce PAMM services

Brokeree Solutions’ recently launched multi-server PAMM system enables large brokerages to instantly provide clients with advanced PAMM service by connecting multiple MetaTrader 4 and 5 servers within one money management system. Brokeree PAMM works in unison with the trading platform, it also manages profit distribution separately and provides convenient web portals for money managers and investors to monitor and report trading results.

Elina Bagautdinova, CCO of Brokeree Solutions noted:

Elina Bagautdinova, Brokeree

Elina Bagautdinova

We are excited to partner with VantageFX. Such partnerships allow us to establish a constant feedback loop to fine-tune our products and provide top-notch user experience, and with the intuitive PAMM investment platform, we hope to put a great deal of power in the hands of brokers, money managers and investors.

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