BUX continues European expansion with BUX Zero launch in Italy

BUX today announced that Italian investors can now use the BUX Zero app. The expansion of the company’s services follows its launch in Ireland and Spain last year.

Italy is the eight market BUX has expanded into so far.

Yorick Naeff, CEO at BUX, commented:

Our presence in Italy comes against a backdrop of high inflation and dwindling trust in pension systems and traditional banks. That’s why it’s vital that Italian investors have access to an intuitive app like BUX Zero. We expect to appeal to a range of different users, from experienced investors attracted by our low fees, through to new investors, who are entering the markets for the first time. We’ll be here to guide them through the basics and give them the confidence to build a better financial future.

The growing market of Italy

The official announcement cited a recent BUX study which found that 53% of Italian participants said that the plan to start investing in the next year. Of those, 70% pointed to main motivator the desire to guarantee financial security for the future.

BUX Zero launches in Italy

Additionally, BUX revealed that BUX Zero investment plan now includes fractional investing. Investors can use monthly investment plans to invest small amounts regularly, based on their financial situation and long-term goals.  They can set an investment amount of as little as €10 per plan.

With fractional investing, BUX Zero users can invest in fraction of stocks that as a whole can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of Euros. Fractional investing allows users to diversify their portfolio and to achieve better dollar cost averaging.

BUX Zero currently offers over 30 fractional US stocks and over 150 fractional ETFs available in the investment plan, which includes household names like Apple, Amazon and Tesla. The company revealed that more will be added in the near future.


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