Brokeree Solutions announces the release of Synthetic Feed

The Estonia-based technology provider Brokeree Solutions has introduced its latest trading tool – Synthetic Feed.

The company detailed that the new plugin is designed for brokers operating with MetaTrader 4 and 5.

The new solution generates custom quotes based on original market data through the use of configurable rules. The tool enables brokers to extend their symbol offering by creating synthetic symbols, price-weighted indices, and new currency conversions.

Brokeree Solutions updates Social Trading

The company explained how its newly released tool operates:

A plugin receives ticks from symbols on MetaTrader and processes them via available calculation types: formulas or indices. Formulas allow brokers to customize quotes using math operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication, while indices operate with coefficients. After all the calculations are done, the new quote is pushed to the custom symbol and becomes available for trading for all users on the trading platform.

Brokeree Solutions recently released a major updated to its Ratings Module.

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