TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies and others appear on FMA warning list

New Zealand Financial Markets Authority added TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies, Bitmarket and Great Motivation International to its warning list.

The New Zealand regulator has advised people to operate with caution when dealing with the foreign exchange dealer due to concerns they may be involved or operating a scam.

The regulator reported the following details of the two companies:

TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies

Website: and
Phone for TFR Global: Singapore: +65 3129 2909, United Kingdom: +44 122 4928 548
Phone for Merlin Biotechnologies: +1.778.3002.445
TFR Global Address: Singapore: MBFC Tower Two, 10 Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018983, United Kingdom: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 United Kingdom.
Merlin Biotechnologies Address: Southbridge Business Park, East Kent Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5X 0B2, Canada
Email: [email protected], United Kingdom: [email protected], [email protected]


Email: [email protected]

Great Motivation International

Also known as: GRM FX, GRM FX Co., Ltd
Email: [email protected]

FMA warning

The New Zealand watchdog found that representatives of TFR Global offer private investment in Merlin Biotechnologies to New Zealand residents. TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies are not incorporated companies or registered financial service providers in New Zealand and they are therefore not permitted to provide financial services/products in the country.

TFR Global claim they are regulated by Investment Capital and Financial Regulatory Services (ICFRS), however this regulator does not exist.

Bitmarket claim to be registered and authorised to provide financial services in New Zealand when it is not. Bitmarket is not on the New Zealand Companies Register or the New Zealand Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR).

FMA also discovered that Great Motivation International is falsely claiming to be related to Great Motivation International Company Limited, an incorporated company in New Zealand. Great Motivation International is also falsely claiming to be regulated in NZ and by the FSPR.

FMA provided details of the bank account used by Great Motivation International:

Account Name: Great Motivation International Limited
Account Number: 57411463761
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd

Account Name: Jiaoru Jiang
Account Number: 6217003230041256748
Bank Name: China Construction Bank

Account Name: Ya’e Ma
Account Number: 6236683320027534387
Bank Name: China Construction Bank

Account Name: Jiankun Tian
Account Number: 6222031716001998069
Bank Name: China Industrial and Commercial Bank

Account Name: Zhaoyan Chen
Account Number: 6217730911721007
Bank Name: CITIC Bank

Account Name: Weiyu Jiang
Account Number: 6216910315884863
Bank Name: China Minsheng Bank

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