Invast Global releases new VIX futures CFD with Cboe

Prime Brokerage services provider Invast Global announced launching new Index contract for difference (CFD) product using market data collected from the trading of the VIX futures contract offered by Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE). The VIX futures contract has big popularity in trading and provide market participants with opportunities to trade their view of the future direction of the expected volatility of the S&P 500 Index.

The new VIX futures CFD aims to provide clients with opportunities for gaining exposure to S&P 500 Index or incorporate as part of a broader portfolio hedging strategy. The CFD product will be available for trading through API from Invast trading servers as part of a broader Index offering encompassing both data and execution.

Invast Global releases new VIX CFD liquidity with Cboe

James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer at Invast Global, commented:

James Alexander, Invast Global

James Alexander

Invast Global has for a long time been a strong proponent of multi-asset solutions for brokers and continues to focus on innovation with the release of a new VIX futures CFD. By continuing to work with client-focused partners like Cboe, we are excited about the product suite that we have been able to deliver across FX, Index Products and Global Equities.

Stephen Dorrian, Director of Market Data at Cboe Europe, said:

Stephen Dorrian, Cboe

Stephen Dorrian

Invast Global is a valued customer of Cboe, leveraging our premium market data to create and innovate new products, and enhance their customer offerings. We are pleased to support Invast’s creation of a new volatility-based CFD and meet growing broker demand for tradeable products that provide exposure to the Cboe Volatility (VIX) Index.

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