Invast Global launches new Cash Oil and Index CFDs

Invast Global launches new Cash Oil and Index CFDs

Multi-asset prime broker Invast Global has just announced that it has expanded its suite of Index & Commodity CFDs by releasing two new Cash Oil CFDs:

  • Brent Crude Oil (Cash) and
  • WTI Crude Oil (Cash),

as well as 6 new Equity Index CFDs:

  • Japan 225 (USD settled),
  • US 2000,
  • Netherlands 25,
  • Swiss 20,
  • India 50 and the
  • Taiwan Index.

Cash Oil CFDs – screenshot taken at 05:00AM GMT on 12th December 2019

Average spreads over the past 2 weeks have been very consistent, with WTI Crude Oil (WTC/USD) at USD 0.016 and Brent Crude Oil (BRC/USD) at USD 0.017.

Invast Global has been growing quickly in 2019 with multiple new offerings across a range of asset classes this year, with more product releases scheduled for 2020. According to Invast Global, the expansion of their offering highlights a shift they have seen from their global broker client base.

James Alexander

James Alexander

James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer, commented on the new launch:

It is no secret that FX volumes have been impacted significantly across the industry this year. As a result, we are seeing enormous demand for access to new products and asset classes from our broker clients, to diversify their revenue and have an edge over their competitors.

Invast Global – Index and Commodity CFDs include:

  • Australia 200
  • CHINA A50
  • China H-Shares
  • Euro 50
  • France 40
  • Germany 30
  • Hong Kong 50
  • India 50
  • Japan 225 (JPY settled)
  • Japan 225 (USD settled)
  • Netherlands 25
  • Singapore 30
  • Swiss 20
  • Taiwan
  • UK 100
  • US 100
  • US 2000
  • US 30
  • US 500
  • US Crude Oil – Cash
  • Brent Crude Oil – Cash
  • US Crude Oil – Rolling Futures
  • Brent Crude Oil – Rolling Futures

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