Devexperts’ DXtrade integrates with Centroid Solutions aggregation liquidity hub

Devexperts has just announced that its stock and forex trading platform DXtrade was integrated with Centroid Solutions aggregation liquidity hub.

FX and CFD brokers using the DXtrade platform will have direct access to Centroid’s ultra-low latency liquidity aggregation engine, with connectivity options to more than 100 market-makers. Centroid Solutions and Devexperts’ partnership focuses on developing and offering technology and service at the highest level for both brokers and their traders.

Cristian Vlasceanu, CEO of Centroid Solutions, commented:

Cristian Vlasceanu, Centroid Solutions

Cristian Vlasceanu
Source: LinkedIn

We are delighted to have completed the integration with DXtrade and establish this partnership with Devexperts, a long-time innovator for trading solutions. Through our Centroid Gateways system we aim to be the de facto connectivity engine for multi-asset brokerage houses, sitting at the core of the trading infrastructure, and facilitate seamless interaction between market participants. We have no doubt that our customers will benefit from this integration, and we will continue to deliver functionality that provides a competitive edge.

Denis Kozlov, VP of Business Development at Devexperts, said:

Denis Kozlov, Devexperts

Denis Kozlov

As the retail trading platform segment has been somewhat stagnant for years, a few months ago we rolled out a new trading platform DXtrade. It is affordable for start-up and growing brokers and raises the bar for trading platforms while bringing significant improvements into this segment. We’ve consolidated all our expertise collected for the past 20 years of work with large brokers into DXtrade and are extremely happy that such a strong partner as Centroid is already integrated with it and supporting the rollout of this platform.

Through Centroid technology brokers are connected into a liquidity network. The technology enables DXtrade clients to integrate with different liquidity providers with no further development. Centroid Solutions also offers a risk management software which combines and analyses trading data on real-time basis, delivering comprehensive risk management and analytical insights, risk alerts, complex simulations for the dealing room and executives of the company.

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