FXSpotStream’s ADV up 10% MoM in March

The multibank FX streaming aggregation and a matching service provider FXSpotStream announced its March trading volumes. The company posted its second-highest ADV ever of $54.674 billion.

FXSpotStream reported last month its second-highest ADV of $49.596 billion. In March the company registered 10.24% MoM higher results compared to February 2021.

March 2021 is second-highest only to March 2020 when the numbers were affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and the high market volatility during that period.


This month’s ADV marks a 12.35% YoY decrease compared to March 2020 when the company reported $62.4 billion.

Highlights of March 2021 trading volumes report can be seen below:

  • FXSpotStream’s Overall Volume MoM (Mar ‘21 vs Feb ‘21) increased 26.78% to USD1.258trillion
  • FXSpotStream’s ADV (Q1 ‘21 vs Q1 ‘20) increased 4.38% to USD51.272billion
  • FXSpotStream’s Overall Volume (Q1 ‘21 vs Q1 ‘20) increased 2.75% to USD3.230trillion

FXSpotStream recently announced the addition of FX Algos and Allocations functionality over its API. Clients of the company will have access to more than 70 different Algos and 200+ parameters offered by the FXSpotStream Liquidity Providers (LPs).

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