Deutsche Börse’s cash markets turnover drops nearly 14%MoM in October

Deutsche Börse’s cash markets generated €98.16 billion in turnover in October 2022, the company has announced. The numbers were 13.6% lower than the previous month’s €113.63 billion

Compared to the numbers from the same period last year, that drop reached 20.5%.

Last month Xetra registered €96.02 billion of the turnover (September 2022: €111.11 billion). The average daily Xetra trading volume stood at €4.57 billion (September: €5.05 billion).

Deutsche Börse

Trading volumes on Börse Frankfurt in October came in at €2.14 billion (September: €2.51 billion).

Last month, Equities on Deutsche Börse generated €78.75 billion and trading in ETFs/ETCs/ETNs accounted for €18.29 billion of the turnover. Bonds recorded €0.27 billion, certificates €0.80 billion and funds brought in €0.05 billion.

Linde plc was the DAX stock with the highest turnover on Xetra last month with €3.99 billion. Commerzbank AG led the MDAX with €0.78 million and the VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG led the SDAX index with €172 million. The iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF recorded the largest volume in the ETF segment with €816 million.


Xetra Frankfurt Total
Equities 77.89 0.87 78.75
ETFs/ETCs/ETNs 18.13 0.16 18.29
Bonds 0.27 0.27
Funds 0.05 0.05
Other Instruments 0.80 0.80
Oct ‘22 in total 96.02 2.14 98.16
Oct ‘21 in total 119.74 3.75 123.49
Sep ‘22 in total 111.11 2.51 113.63

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