FXSpotStream reports increased volumes in March, sets a new ADV high

FXSpotStream has just released its volume report for the month of March, reporting increased volumes. March’s high volumes are related, in part, to the evolving impact on the markets from the coronavirus.

Highlights of March 2020 trading volumes report can be seen below:

  • On March 9, FXSpotStream hit a new daily volume record of USD89.6 billion
  • March also recorded a new ADV high for any month at USD62.4 billion, which surpassed the prior ADV high of USD47.8 billion set in February by USD14.6 billion or 30.40% higher
  • ADV in March MoM (Mar ‘20 vs Feb ‘20) increased 30.40% to reach a new ADV record of USD62.4 billion
FXSpotStream forex volumes

FXSpotStream also announced a rise of 65.22% in ADV YoY (Mar ’20 vs Mar ’19).

The company’s Overall Volume in March reached USD1.372 trillion, crossing the USD1 trillion mark for the first time in any given month since the business was started in 2011.

March’s ADV of USD62.378 billion was 12.60% greater than CBOE HotSpot’s ADV of USD54.983 billion – exceeding CBOE/HotSpot’s ADV every month since November 2018, with the exception of 1 month.

The ADV figures for March are based on 22 trading days.

LeapRate reminds that earlier this year, the company added Barclays as the 14th liquidity providing bank to FXSpotStream’s price streaming service.

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