Brokeree Solutions announces a major update for its MT4/MT5 Social Trading

Estonia-based provider of technology solutions for multi-asset brokers, Brokeree Solutions, today announced it has released a major update for its cross-server Social Trading for MetaTrader 4 and 5.

According to the official announcement shared with LeapRate, the updated version enables signal providers to set a one-time payment from subscribers for joining their trading strategy and start copying trading symbols with a registration fee.

Additionally, the management fee allows providers to hold a commission periodically for subscribing to their trading signals, for example, for a week or a month. if the trader does not have enough money on balance to afford the commission, the subscription stops.

Brokeree Social Trading update released

Furthermore, the new Social Trading update features a watchlist option for followers to pick and save to the list of signal providers from the leaderboard they want to view later. The watchlist feature also has a progress tracker based on the Ratings Module showing how much return the account has gained compared to the date of adding it to the watchlist.

A dedicated new feature was added to Brokeree’s flagship solution, allowing to share a link to a trader’s profile to give providers more tools to develop their personal brand. Providers are now able to share their ratings and statistics with audiences in social media, Telegram channels, or special forums, so the followers would get quick access to interactive charts and indicators with the provider’s trading results.

Brokeree further added four new languages to the latest version of Social Trading, including Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Thai, and Korean. With the latest additions, the users can choose between more than 13 languages.

Various reports on users trading activity can now be viewed, as well as downloaded, including earnings report, displaying profits per provider or per offer, fees report and trading report.

Brokeree Solutions released its cross-server Social Trading earlier in June.

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