Exclusive: Brokeree Solutions’ Andrey Kamyshanov talks about developments in fintech and industry trends

LeapRate Interview… Andrey Kamyshanov, founder and managing partner at Brokeree Solutions, sat down with us to discuss new updates to its flagship solutions, PAMM and Social Trading, the constant development of the company’s products and trends to see in the fintech industry in 2022.

Kamyshanov founded the turnkey technology provider for multi-asset brokerages Brokeree Solutions in 2013. He has served as the company CEO since its inception and focuses on research and development.

LR: Brokeree was founded 8 years ago. What has changed during this time? What goals has the company achieved?

Andrey Kamyshanov: Since its foundation, Brokeree’s mission has remained unchanged–-to provide high-grade technologies to multi-asset brokers, allowing them to run their business more efficiently. Over the past 8 years, the company has significantly expanded its team and product portfolio and established long-lasting partnerships.

Here we should mention that all our solutions, including those released many years ago, are regularly updated to stay efficient and relevant. For instance, Social Trading was introduced back in 2013, and if you compare its first version and the latest one, it may look like two different products. However, by this day, it remains one of the most sought-after solutions from our portfolio, and rightfully so.

We consistently develop our solutions based on our deep analysis of client feedback, industry trends, and our own vision of technology evolution. These practices help us identify possible requests ahead of the market and give brokers an advantage over constantly evolving market conditions.

Exclusive Interview with Andrey Kamyshanov

LR: Brokeree Solutions develop solutions which only operate on the MetaTrader platform base. Why is that?

Since the start of the company, ​​MetaTrader has been one of the most widely used trading platforms among brokers. This popularity not only allows us to provide essential solutions, but also opens opportunities to collaborate with experts in other fields, including liquidity aggregators or CRM developers. Moreover, MetaTrader infrastructure provides technology providers with several connectivity methods that they can choose from to develop robust solutions.

LR: Last year, the company released major updates for PAMM and Social Trading, and also introduced a new Ratings Module. Have the Brokeree similar technological goals for the coming year?

Over the past year, we have achieved several key goals in developing investment systems. Our flagship solutions, PAMM and Social Trading, have become more transparent to the end-user due to the updated Web UI and features of the recently introduced Ratings Module solution. During its development, we addressed brokers’ requests for creating a customizable and engaging interface that makes investment systems more attractive to newcomers. This goal was fully achieved. The solution now provides interactive elements like charts and badges and allows brokers to easily add rating dashboards directly on the website with automatically generated widgets.

These innovations complement the already existing advantages of the solutions. PAMM and Social Trading are multi-server technologies, which means that users may add several accounts to subscribe traders from different servers. This way, the functional flexibility of investment systems is accompanied by extended features for interface customization. Further development of our PAMM and Social Trading products will remain one of our priorities for this year.

LR: What should a brokerage consider in order to make the right decision when choosing an investment platform?

Andrey Kamyshanov: It is important to focus on several criteria when choosing an investment platform. Firstly, it’s usually better when a solution is hosted on the broker’s servers to ensure that all trading processes perform well, and clients’ data remains confidential. Secondly, it’s a significant advantage when a technology provider has a reliable technical support team that can track and eliminate errors promptly. Finally, it would be better to use solutions designed by the same provider to build an ecosystem of integrable products. This condition may be crucial when a broker introduces sophisticated solutions like investment systems with real-time copying to their vast infrastructure.

LR: Brokeree recently released a new trading tool – Synthetic Feed. Can you tell us more about it and how does it help brokers?

Andrey Kamyshanov: We designed Synthetic Feed for brokers who plan to introduce original trading instruments or fractional trading. The key feature of the new product is the ability to generate new quotes based on combined market data from several symbols. For instance,  brokers can introduce price-weighted indices to their customers’ accounts from the data already available on their MetaTrader platforms.

LR: What big developments in the fintech industry have you observed in 2021? What can we expect in 2022?

Andrey Kamyshanov: Developments in the fintech area continue alongside general trends, such as democratization and gamification of the trading process, which have been affecting the industry for some years. We can see how more and more brokers are offering fractional trading, affordable trading conditions, and game-like elements to attract and retain a new type of investor. These trends surely won’t disappear in the near future, and it may challenge technology developers to introduce new software for brokers in various areas–from investment systems to risk management.

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