Match-Trade Technologies enhances offering with Forex Brokerage as a Service solution

Match-Trade Technologies has recently introduced a new SaaS model to the most popular White Label platforms in its offer.

The technology provider provides brokers with a standard introduced for modern cloud services like AWS or Microsoft Azure. The Forex Brokerage as a Service solution is fully scalable with predictable fees.

The new offering gives brokers the opportunity to choose from MetaTrader5 and MTT’s Match-Trader trading platform. After changing the pricing policy, there will be fixed fee for Real Active Accounts. However, the platform setup is free and there is no B-Book turnover or deposit fee.

Match-Trade offers three packages: basic, standard, and full, all attuned to the needs reported by clients. The packages also include integrated Forex CRM, branded Client Office app and liquidity connection via Match-Trade Bridge for instant use.

Michael Karczewski, the COO at Match-Trade Technologies, explained:

Michael Karczewski, Match-Trade Technologies

Michael Karczewski

After carefully analyzing what is more profitable for developing brokers, and thus for our company, we decided to drop the B-Book turnover fee. We also didn’t want to make any apparent changes by replacing the turnover fee with a deposit fee. Paying for Real Accounts is a lot more convenient for brokers as their rates increase when their business grows, and they must upgrade the accounts’ number. We think it’s fairer to charge for the resources our clients actually use, and I must admit that I hope other brokers will appreciate it too.

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