Broadridge teams up with FundApps for a regulatory compliance solution

Fintech company Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. has announced its recent collaboration with international RegTech provider FundApps to integrate its order management solution and buy-side portfolio with regulatory compliance technology.

The integration comes as an attempt to provide Broadridge clients with a distinctive regulatory compliance solution that works to address management requirements within shareholder disclosures and position limit reporting and classified industry monitoring. The solution will also work to address the removal of operational challenges in clients’ search for alpha.

Eric Bernstein, President of Asset Management Solutions, Broadridge, said:

Eric Bernstein, Broadridge

Eric Bernstein
Source: LinkedIn

Through our work with FundApps, we’re incorporating integrated, automated solutions that will remove operational challenges for our clients. This strategic partnership allows firms to spend less time on operational and compliance issues and more time on managing assets and outperforming the competition.

Not only does Broadridge’s portfolio and order management solution help firms to ensure timely operations and compliance reports, but it also offers an integrated method when executing and modelling tracking portfolios and trades in real-time.

Asset management and global hedge fund customers  – who utilise Broadridge’s automated processes to enhance the quality of their data and manage their compliance requirements to focus on earning returns for clients –  will now reap the rewards of FundApps’ compliance-as-a-service solution, which fully automates both compliance reporting and monitoring.

By combining the capabilities of the two firms, clients should now have the means to leverage a comprehensively automated interface to aid with updating client holdings on a daily basis within the FundApps system – all while maintaining a whole and current international database of regulatory rules and firms. The new and improved platform will offer solutions to clients who want to avoid financial penalties or reputational damage while proving their commitment to regulatory guidelines and saving time when producing reports.

Andrew White, CEO at FundApps, stated:

Andrew White, FundApps

Andrew White
Source: LinkedIn

There is an increasing amount of regulatory fragmentation between local jurisdictions. This, coupled with the effects of a global pandemic, means there has been a lot of volatility with reporting thresholds as we move from crisis to recovery. Regulation is not a unique problem for firms, so it only makes sense that they pool resources to invest in technology that automates it for them.

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