Broadridge partners with AI company Fligoo for predictive analytics

Fintech firm Broadridge has announced collaboration with AI company Fligoo to develop a suite of predictive analytics software products for the wealth manager industry. The new software product will enable banks and wealth management firms to better leverage data through AI and allow them to transform their business performance by harnessing vast amounts of data to predict with accuracy the needs of each client, creating a personalized and customized client and investor experience.

Enterprise AI company Fligoo helps industry firms boost their business performance. Fligoo Sharp AI Enterprise Suite software provides business value through advanced analytics, monitoring, closed-loop feedback and decision science. The first solution under development with Broadridge will enable financial advisors to take a data-driven approach to optimization and improvement of their relationship with investors, personalizing service, as well as delivering in a method and time preferred by clients. Fligoo and Broadridge expect that the hyper-personalization of investor needs will increase the satisfaction of their clients, as well as asset growth for the long-term across the entire investor base.

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Lucas Olmedo, CEO of Fligoo commented:

We’re excited to leverage Broadridge’s extensive wealth management expertise, insights and data to develop software that can create genuine innovation in the wealth management industry. We have condensed the expertise acquired on hundreds of use cases in multiple industries into a product that has the power to augment the capacity/performance of advisors, firms and investors on a daily basis.

Michael Alexander, President of Wealth Management at Broadridge said:

Michael Alexander, Broadridge

Michael Alexander
Source: LinkedIn

Investors expect advisors to understand their specific needs, and we are creating an end-to-end practice management solution with Fligoo that uses AI to enable financial advisors to anticipate investor needs at every moment of the investment life cycle. Together, we are creating an entire predictive analytics suite that will enable advisors to personalize and digitize their client engagements in a way that will deepen and broaden relationships in a more scalable manner.

Leveraging next-gen technologies is part of Broadridge’s investment in The ABCDs of Innovation – AI, blockchain, the Cloud and digital – helping clients and the industry move markets forward into the future. Over the next year, Broadridge and Fligoo plan to launch additional AI-powered software solutions that deliver insights to wealth management firms and their advisors.

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