Swissquote upgrades ESG investing with information on stocks

Swissquote today announced it is launching a new feature to support ESG in Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing on its trading platform.

ESG has become increasingly popular among backing companies like Swissquote. The Switzerland-based online financial services providerhas already launched its own sustainability report and provided its clients opportunities to invest in ESG ETFs and Themes Trading certificates.

Swissquote revealed that is now upgrading its trading platform with a new, comprehensive ESG feature to including information on ESG impact of a large number of stocks.

Marc Bürki, CEO of Swissquote, commented:

Marc Bürki, swissquote

Marc Bürki

We are continuously improving our own ESG profile by strengthening our corporate governance, supporting our employees and tracking our environmental footprint. However, the biggest impact we can make is to motivate our half a million customers to make better investment choices, where better means not only more performance at the same level of risk, but also a higher ESG score for the same parameters. ESG is the 3rd dimension to optimize a portfolio after performance and risk.

The new feature allows clients to see the ESG score of every company, as well as a break-down of the ecological, environmental and governance parts. Additionally, investors can now set filters to their portfolio, include and exclude different ESG impacts, and select from eleven positive impact criteria (such as green innovation, human rights, business ethics, etc.) as well as from nine negative impact criteria (such as animal testing, weapons, alcohol, etc.).

Furthermore, the trading platform includes a stock picking option, where the depicted sections are dedicated to the best performing ESG stocks.

Marc Bürki added:

Our clients are getting increasingly conscious about ESG values. We salute this growing sensitiveness and are using technology to empower our clients to make better informed choices taking into consideration all relevant dimensions on a single stock level because we believe that sustainable investing does not have to be compromise.

Meanwhile, Swissquote secured a new license in Cyprus, announced earlier this month. The new regulatory authorisation follows the launch of the company’s own crypto exchange SQX

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