Deutsche Börse expands ESG offering

Deutsche Börse today announced the expansion of its sustainability data offering for investors.

Investors and market participants can now access information on individual sustainability aspects on the Börse Frankfurt website, in addition to existing company data.

Issuers can deposit ESG ratings, key figures, and sustainability reports. The new service helps boost transparency and the depth of information on companies’ sustainability activities.

Eric Leupold, Head of Cash Market at Deutsche Börse, said:

More and more professional and private investors are including environmental, social, and ethical aspects in their investment decisions alongside traditional criteria such as profitability, growth and security. With our new offering, we want to give issuers the opportunity to disclose their ESG activities and thus ensure more transparency for investors.

Deutsche Börse

ESG rating providers can use the new available information when assessing calculating ESG scores and ratings. With the additional data pool, they can also boost the visibility of small and medium-sized companies among investors.

Deutsche Börse further explained in their official announcement that companies which have not yet established their own sustainability reporting, the company offer the ESG KPI Report. This report is in a new, specially developed format with an accompanying best practice guide. Smaller companies are also given the opportunity to disclose their ESG activities.

The ESG KPI Report was developed in collaboration with ISS ESG, the investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., part Deutsche Börse Group.

The KPIs used in the report are based on established reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and the German Sustainability Code.

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