ITI Capital expands investment services with IPO and Secondary Placing

Emerging markets-focused brokerage firm ITI Capital has announced that it now offers Public Offerings (IPOs) and Secondary Placings investment service to its clients.

The new services enable ITI Capital clients and new Elected Professional and Professional per se clients to get access to deals globally, from private company offers through to those listed on the major global exchanges.

The IPO and Secondary Placing service will also allow customers who have heard about an upcoming IPO or a company preparing for an IPO to use ITI’s platform and expertise to get involved with the deal.

ITI Capital

Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director of ITI Capital, comments:

Rahul Agarwal, ITI Capital

Rahul Agarwal
Source: LinkedIn

We’re excited to announce this new service, giving clients the opportunity to expand and diversify their investment portfolio through ITI, participating in the latest IPOs and secondary placing deals.

Right now, there are many innovative, fast-growing new companies in the financial services, tech and fintech space preparing to go public and our clients can now use our team’s expertise to assess, evaluate and invest in these deals to generate potential strong returns.

The London-based company will also offer clients the opportunity to invest in New Issues before they trade on the open market, and to receive regular Trade Ideas from its expert Advisory team. Qualified clients of ITI Capital will benefit from expertly researched Trade Ideas generated by ITI’s dedicated in-house research team.

ITI Capital’s dedicated research team will also assist clients in taking a short-term and a long-term global stock market strategy and give them an opportunity to discover potential Trade Ideas. The team will consider significant political-economic factors, foreign exchange rates and refine market strategies by focusing on geographical and sector allocations including interest rates, liquidity events, the location of the firm and the market in which it operates to provide a comprehensive service to its clients

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