Invast Global adds two new index CFDs to its offering over the USD Index and Canadian Index

Prime Brokerage services provider Invast Global announced the launch of two new index CFDs – USD Index – USC/USD and Canadian Index – MXC/CAD.

The new CFD products are available through the API Invast Global’s trading servers in NY4, LD4 and TY3 as part of our comprehensive Index & Commodity CFD offering. With these new additions, the total suite of index and commodity CFDs are now 26.

Invast Global launches new Cash Oil and Index CFDs

The company plans launch even more instruments in the near future, with the objective of pricing 30 CFDs by the end of the year.

James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer of Invast Global, commented:

James Alexander, Invast Global

James Alexander

These additional products represent the latest update in our plans to offer the most comprehensive suite of cash index and commodity products available.

Invast Global’s new product launch is largely driven by client demand.

The two new Index CFDs have no additional monthly market data fees associated with them.

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