Exness hit record with March trading volume

Exness has reported a trading volume of $930 billion for March 2021, a record number for the multi-asset brokerage firm. Exness has demonstrated steady growth since May last year, with last month’s high volume prompted by a significant rush of new traders using the platform. The broker has not revealed numbers for demand across its individual asset class.

Since February this year, March’s total volume was reported to have increased by 39% on a month-over-month basis. The most recent volumes were even higher than those reported at the same time last year (a previous record of $785.1 billion back in March 2020), when the whole of the trade industry received a windfall due to market volatility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exness’ trading volume has, in fact, reported an increase each month since May 2020, and although there were months with just marginal gain over previous volumes, the steady trends are a clear example of the broker’s business growth.


The company also witnessed a record number of active traders during March 2021 – 187,609 – which substantially topped last month’s record of 178,175 for Exness. To once again demonstrate the company’s rapid growth, it is worth noting that the number of active clients using the Exness platform was 103,373 in March 2020.

Overall, Exness revealed an average of $742.6 billion in monthly volumes for Q1 of 2021, a figure which is well ahead of last year’s reported average of $565.4 billion. While Exness finished 2020 on a high with record-breaking figures, its current growth trend suggests that 2021 will set another record for the broker; the company could well be on its way to being the first CFDs and Retail FX broker to reach the $1 trillion mark on monthly volumes.

The broker is also focusing on enhancing its team of leaders, having recently appointed Damian Bunce as Chief Trading Officer.

Last year, Exness was one of the sponsors of Dubai Forex Expo and expressed its commitment to next-generation technology by hiring a team of Next-Gen Sanbot Max robots to help on the ground greet guests and assist them with their needs.

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