Exclusive: Pandemic boosts use of AI and robotics: Exness employs robots at Dubai Expo

LeapRate exclusive… The deployment of robots as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic was rapid. As necessity is the mother of invention, it didn’t take long for mankind to start using robots for otherwise uncommon robot tasks, like cleaning floors at airports, taking people’s temperatures, or even acting as replacements for dining-hall employees. The pandemic has also forced companies to close call centres employing human customer-service agents and to turn to chatbots instead. Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President of cloud and data platform at IBM, which deploys such a chatbot, commented on this being the new normal, adding that the pandemic simply accelerated what was already on its way to happening.

How robots became crucial during the pandemic

These are just a few of the two dozen ways robots have been used during the pandemic, with other areas robots have proven useful in ranging from healthcare to public safety and public works. There are many who feel threatened by this automation and artificial intelligence invasion, but the truth is that robots have demonstrated how crucial they can be during a pandemic. Due to the highly infectious nature of the coronavirus, robots have been one of the only non-human vessels to provide a contact-free way to deliver the work only a human can otherwise do. Most jobs involving human contact have been considered hazardous this past year, therefore demand for mechanical replacements has skyrocketed.

Exness employs robots at Dubai Expo

Robots in the fintech industry

The fintech industry, as its terminology betrays, is of course known for embracing new technology and artificial intelligence. AI and robotics have been evolving year after year and are now enabling fintech companies to provide services that once could only be carried out by teams of individuals, increasing their competitive edge. But some fintech companies have taken their passion for AI to a whole new level this year in light of the pandemic. One such company is multi-asset broker Exness, which just days ago participated in the Dubai Forex Expo, one of the few in the industry to take place physically this year and not just within a virtual realm.

Forex brokers using robots’ help

How did Exness ensure they abided by all Covid health and safety rules whilst still being present at the expo? By embracing technology and employing the help of three Next-Gen Sanbot Max robots to stand in for sales representatives who could not travel to represent Exness as they usually would. The Exness branded robots, named Forexawy, Crypto and Dahab, greeted expo attendees, escorted them to the Exness booth, provided them with face masks and sanitizers, answered endless questions about the company’s products and services, and connected visitors to Exness sales representatives via video calls.

Further to this, the Exness booth was equipped with touchless sensor based interactive technology, with screens that were controlled by waving their hands or stepping on marked spots on the floor in front of the screen, not in the traditional way which requires touch. Coupled with advanced wireless earphones with noise cancelling technology, the screens were also used to speak live with Exness sales representatives, on one-to-one calls. According to sources who attended the expo in person, it was not long before visitors started to wait for their turn inside and outside the Exness booth, where robots and humans joined forces in an unprecedented appearance at the expo.

Exness Regional Director for MENA, Mohamad Ibrahim, who was himself a speaker at the event and was introduced by the robot Crypto, commented:

Exness has always prided itself on finding an opportunity behind every seeming obstacle, and I am glad we took a leap of faith and decided to use technology in a way that had never been used during an expo of this nature and scale. The response we received was both humbling and rewarding and we are very pleased that we managed to offer a unique but safe experience during these difficult and tricky times.

Exness took home the awards for Best Trading Experience and Best Social Trading platforms at the expo, which the three robots celebrated with a short dance at the Exness booth.

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