CFI Financial Group adds fractional shares to its offering

Online trading provider CFI Financial Group has introduced Fractional Shares, a new trading feature that would enable broader and more flexible participation in the financial markets.

The new trading-centric feature provides budget investors or in general, traders looking for more flexibility, the ability to trade a fraction of a share. CFI’s clients can trade as low as 10% of a stock on a range of more than 300 CFDs on stocks with the numbers likely increasing in the near future.

Founders and Managing Directors of CFI Financial Group, Hisham Mansour and Eduardo Fakhoury said:

We believe that broader participation in the markets is one of the pillars of CFI’s Vision and we always try to innovate in new ways to enable that. Fractional Shares caters to everyone, whether it’s the budget investor looking to only trade with a set amount of money or the more sophisticated one looking to be flexible in the way they diversify their holdings and portfolios.

CFI Financial group reduces spreads by up to 31% on various instruments

Demetrios Zamboglou, Group Chief Operating Officer commented:

Demetrios Zamboglou, CFI

Demetrios Zamboglou

The advanced technology present across CFI’s trading infrastructure allows for new and improved features that would ultimately benefit clients in how they trade. As our improvements are always client-centric in nature, we believe that Fractional Shares will open the door for faster and more optimized integrations of future features which will support CFI in remaining among the most competitive and flexible providers of online trading.

CFI’s trading infrastructure offers more than 5000 CFDs on equities, currencies, commodities, indices and ETFs from a single interface. The company’s offering is boosted by by zero commissions, competitive spreads with some products now reaching zero and a model geared at providing low latency and fast execution, especially during fast markets. CFI also provides a dedicated account manager, daily market reports and free webinars for all experience levels.

The company continuously serves thousands of clients through several regulated entities around the world under the CFI Financial Group.

In February, CFI Financial Group announced the renewal of its partnership with Oliver Rowland, one of the main drivers for the Nissan E.Dams Formula E team.

The company recently revealed that it has added new markets to its offering – Hong Kong, The Netherlands and Spain. CFI also introduced the Chinese Yuan and new crosses for Singapore Dollar, Norwegian Krone and Swedish Krona.

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