CFI launches over 250 crypto products

Globally regulated trading provider CFI Financial Group has revealed the launch of more than 250 crypto products on MetaTrader 5.

The new range of cryptos CFI offers, includes traditional products, as well as a large number of new cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Vs. Gold and Bitcoin Vs. Dow Jones to name a few. Available as CFDs, they cater to a wide demographic of traders with the availability of leverage, suitable for short-term traders, and no leverage or swaps, for those looking to build long term crypto portfolios.

With 24/7 availability, the crypto CFDs do not require to be held in a wallet or the need to exchange money to USDT. Traders will be able to access more than 11,000 products such as Stocks, Forex Pairs, Commodities, Indices, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies, from one single platform and with a globally regulated provider.

Founders and Managing Directors of CFI Financial Group, Hisham Mansour and Eduardo Fakhoury, said:

Hisham Mansour, CFI

Hisham Mansour

At CFI, we always look to transcend the previous milestone and this time around, we believe that with this largely unique and unmatched product, we have managed to deliver on our promise of providing an ever-expanding range of products where traders and investors can find new opportunities and diversify their holdings. This specific addition to our current range goes beyond the flexibility of CFDs with leverage and no-leverage and dives deep into an entirely new world of trading.

Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou, Chief Operating Officer of the CFI Financial Group, added:

Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou

Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou

While demand for cryptos played a role in adding it to our platform, our optimized infrastructure allowed us to create an entirely new range of products that has not been introduced to the masses yet. Aside from the uniqueness of the product, we are offering it in the form of a 2-in-1 package where clients can trade with leverage or no leverage and on some of the most competitive trading conditions out there alongside the top-tier service that CFI is known for. In other words, we are not just offering something new, we are adding a future-proof product that will allow traders to tackle a new market for years ahead.

In December, CFI introduced more than 3,500 US exchange-based stocks on MetaTrader 5.

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