SGX March trading volumes surge

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has just released its market statistics for March 2021. The exchange reported its highest securities market turnover since March last year. It registered 50% MoM rise in to S$38.7 billion.

Securities daily average value (SDAV) climbed 24% compared to February 2021 reaching S$1.7 billion. It also marked 18% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) increase to S$1.52 billion.

The ETF volume on SGX reached 3%MoM with S$516 million. In the first quarter, the ETF turnover gained 34% compared to the previous one to S$1.6 billion, with combined assets-under-management (AUM) of all 30 listed ETFs at S$8.99 billion.

SGX registered 27% MoM increase in FX trading volumes to 2.9 million contracts in March 2021. In the first quarter of 2021, the exchange reached 7.3 million contracts and 20% growth over the previous quarter.


The exchange noted that INR/USD Futures have reached 4.3 million with 27% quarter-over-quarter increase and SGX USD/CNH Futures gained 9% to 2.7 million.

SGX stated:

SGX set monthly volume records for its USD/SGD, INR/USD and USD/INR (USD) futures in March, reflecting strong demand among global institutional investors to risk-manage Asian currencies. The exchange is Asia’s largest FX futures marketplace.

The exchange also reported growth in its commodities division with 39% MoM jump in March to 2.5 million contracts. For Q1 2021, the total volume rose 17% over the previous quarter to 6.4 million.

The statement said:

Iron ore derivatives traded volume on SGX surged 43% m-o-m in March to 2 million contracts, bringing the quarterly total to 5.1 million, up 15% q-o-q. Almost half a million forward freight agreement (FFA) contracts changed hands in the first quarter, up 78% q-o-q. SGX’s unique offering provides a liquid and capital-efficient platform to manage bulk cargo and freight risks,” the exchange added in the press release.

In February, SGX partnered with Brussels-based international central securities depositary (ICSD), Euroclear Bank to launch the Orchid bond structure in Singapore, combining domestic bond issuance with global distribution channels.

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