MOEX reports a surge in demand with 5 million new retail accounts in January

Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has published its monthly trading volumes for January. The Russian markets operator registered a significant upward trend in the retail trading activities and overall demand.

Nearly 5 million individual brokerage accounts were opened on the platform during last month. The number of the total accounts reached 28.8 million.

The total trading volumes across the exchange’s markets reached RUB 87.2 trillion in January. The numbers were 36.5% higher compared to the same period last year.

FX Market trading volume stood at RUB 27 trillion in January 2022, increasing 18.2% on yearly basis. Spot trades came at RUB 10.0 trillion and swap trades and forwards totaling RUB 17.0 trillion. The average daily trading volume on the forex market was RUB 1.28 trillion, rising 6.9% YoY.


In January, the total trading volume on the Equity and Bond Market reached RUB 5 trillion and jumped 62.6% YoY. Trading volume in RDRs, shares, and investment fund units increased by 87.4% MoM to RUB 4.21 trillion.

Demand on the derivatives market on MOEX also rose with 43.4% to RUB 16.7 trillion. 209.8 million contracts were traded in January of which 205 million were futures and 4.8 million were options. Open interest at the end of the month was up 21.1% to RUB 829.2 billion.

Money Market turnover reached RUB 37.8 trillion and grew by 53.4%.

In the end of last year, the Russian market operator unveiled its updated brand.


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