Deutsche Börse’s February turnover down by 7.9% MoM

Deutsche Börse published its monthly volumes report for February 2021. The volumes for last month fell, compared to January and on a year-over-year basis.

The company reported a 7.9% MoM decrease in turnover with €167.6 billion in February 2021 (€181.9 billion in January 2021). The numbers down by 8.4% YoY in comparison to February 2020 when it was €189 billion.

€126.7 billion of the total turnover in February was attributable to Xetra, down by 8.1% MoM, compared to the €137.9 billion in January. Xetra’s average daily trading volume was €6.7 billion. Börse Frankfurt achieved turnover of €6.1 billion, registering a 9% MoM fall compared to January when it was €6.7 billion and Tradegate Exchange made €34.8 billion, down by 6.7% MoM (€37.3 billion in January).

Deutsche Börse

Divided by class of asset, equities generated around €142.1 billion. Trading ETFs/ETCs/ETNs earned €22.8 billion. The trading volume in bonds was €0.5 billion, in certificates €1.6 billion and in funds €0.4 billion.

SAP SE achieved the highest volume from the DAX stock on Xetra in February with €5.3 billion. VARTA AG led the MDAX equities with €1.5 billion in February and ENCAVIS AG led the SDAX index with €408 million. The iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF USD (Dist) generated the largest volume in the ETF sector with €734 million.

Trading volumes February 2021 in billion euros:

Xetra Frankfurt Tradegate In total
Equities 107.5 3.8 30.9 142.1
ETFs/ETCs/ETNs 19.2 0.2 3.4 22.8
Bonds 0.4 0.2 0.5
Funds 0.1 0.3 0.4
Other Instruments 1.6 0.1 1.7
Feb ‘21 in total 126.7 6.1 34.8 167.6
Jan ‘21 in total 137.9 4.1 18.0 145.3

Deutsche Börse AG recently announced it completed the acquisition of 81% of majority stake in the governance, ESG data and analytics provider Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS).

Earlier in February, it was revealed that the company’s General Counsel Michael Lappe will leave on 30 July and Bettina Kramer-Braun is going to take his place.

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