Cboe Futures ADV volumes drops 23% MoM in October

Exchange holding company Cboe Global Markets, Inc. reported its October 2020 metrics, with drops in the volumes, compared to September and August.

Cboe reported Options ADV down 7.6% MoM, Futures ADV were also down 23.2% MoM. US Equities ADV fell by 6% MoM and Global FX ADNV dropped by 3% MoM compared to September.

Cboe registered for October:

  • Total options ADV was up 27% YoY.
  • Total US Equities ADV rose 29% YoY.
  • ADV in VIX options and Mini-SPX options were both up 35%MoM.
  • Cboe EDGX Equities Exchange market share in October 2020 reaches new all-time high.
Cboe Global Markets

Cboe’s October highlights include:

  • Cboe C2 Options Exchange set a new monthly volume record with 22.3 million contracts traded, surpassing the previous record of 21.5 million contracts set in September 2020.
  • ADV in Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) options was 492,200 contracts, up 35% MoM and up 21% YoY.
  • ADV in Mini-SPX options (XSP) reached 29,868 contracts, up 35% MoM
  • Total volume in Mini VIX futures (VXM) has surpassed more than 1.5 million contracts since launch on August 9.
  • ADV in Cboe iBoxx iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bond Index (IBHY) futures on Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) was 547 contracts, up 7% MoM, and up 428% YoY.
  • Cboe iBoxx iShares Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index (IBIG) futures traded on CFE reached a new ADV high of 144 contracts, up 56% MoM.
  • US Equities ADV year-to-date through October is up 51% YoY.
  • Cboe EDGX Equities Exchange market share reached a new all-time high in October, capturing 7.8% of the market.
  • Global FX total ADNV year-to-date through October is up 5% YoY.


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