Rize ETF picks Xetra for its introduction to the European Market

New issuer of exchange traded funds, Rize ETF, has made its debut in Europe. The company specialises in theme-based products and for the initial listing of ETFs on the megatrends cannabis and cybersecurity, Rize chose Deutsche Börse’s trading venues – Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

With the new Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences UCITS ETF (USD) Accumulating investors will have access to the performance of companies with primary focus in the medical cannabis, hemp and CBD sectors.

The fundamental Foxberry Medical Cannabis & Life Sciences Index consists of globally listed companies from the medical cannabis and cannabis-related life sciences sectors. The main interest is in companies active in the biotech/pharmaceutical and hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) sectors. The “Big Pharma” companies are equally weighted with 10 per cent each. The remaining companies are weighted with relative liquidity of the shares and is at least 0.05% and maximum 15%.

The new Rize Cyber Security and Data Privacy UCITS ETF (USD) Accumulating will allow investors to invest in companies in the IT security and data protection sectors.

In the Foxberry Tematica Research Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Index companies from the aerospace and defence sector are not included. Companies are weighted on basis of their relative thematic valuation. It is of the amount of revenue or operating profit from cybersecurity and data privacy within a company.

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