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November 27, 2023 BY Elizabeth Anderson

FP Markets Expands its Commodity CFDs Offering adding Lead, Nickel, Aluminium, Zinc and Copper and Spot Silver & Gold vs a range of cross currencies

Complementing its existing range of commodity CFDs, clients trading with FP Markets can now trade and invest in several new and exciting commodities. This includes spot gold (XAU) versus several widely traded currencies, such as the British pound (GBP), the Singapore dollar (SGD) and the Chinese Renminbi (CNH), as well as other popular hard commodities…

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November 09, 2023 BY Elizabeth Anderson

Grayscale fights SEC for looser restrictions on trust products

Grayscale’s GBTC operates as a spot bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP), more commonly known as an ETF.  The SEC's involvement in negotiations with Grayscale signifies a critical step in the potential approval of several ETFs for the crypto industry. If the approval goes ahead, the entry of everyday investors into the digital asset space could be…

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September 19, 2023 BY Elizabeth Anderson

ETFs and mutual funds rise against their passive counterparts

In August alone, active ETFs garnered $9.8bn in investor cash compared to $9.5bn pulled by passive funds. For every $4.06 made from passive funds, active ETFs have gained $1 over the last 12 months. The gap appears larger; however, three years ago, passive funds registered $6.02 for every $1 of active ETFs.   That being said,…

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How to circumvent big tech when investing in AI
August 07, 2023 BY Alan Sayer

How to circumvent big tech when investing in AI

Experts predict this niche will be worth trillions in years to come. As such, the market attracts more and more investors, and most think tech giants are the answer to getting one’s hands on a slice of the AI share pie. Although it is true that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focusing on stocks such as Microsoft…

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March 16, 2022 BY Steffy Bogdanova

ActivTrades launches new LATAM40 ETF

The new LATAM40 ETF offers access, exposure and tracking of 40 of the largest Latin American stocks a single fund. The company stated: The fund generally invests at a majority of its assets in the component securities of its underlying index and in investments that have economic characteristics identical to the component securities of its…

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SIX welcomes GlobalX as a new ETF issuer
July 16, 2021 BY Alan Sayer

SIX gets ETFs issued by Global X

The second fund that Global X has added is the Global X Telemedicine & Digital Health ETF. This fund is focused on the healthcare market. Telemedicine uses video conferencing to provide faster service to patients, and digital healthcare aims to improve the analytics behind the diagnosis.  Both of these funds have a large grounding in…

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Swiss Stock Exchange
December 07, 2020 BY Steffy Bogdanova

SIX launches new quote on demand trading service

Trades in QOD are published immediately after execution, further strengthening post-trade transparency. Trade execution reports will also be made available on the business day following the execution. ETFs were increasingly traded over-the-counter in the past. With this addition to the existing order book, QOD offers investors the opportunity to trade ETFs in a bidding process…

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