Singapore launches “Trading Atrium” to attract foreign firms

Singapore has launched a new trading platform to attract companies that have interest in moving eastward, called the Trading Atrium, it offers Asia’s first multi-asset, broker-neutral trading facility to proprietary trading firms and hedge funds.

The platform is set up by Neo & Partners Global, a Singapore enterprise specializing in smart electronic trading solutions. The company targets high-growth, private international financial firms and trading professionals — as they step up their participation in the local securities and derivatives markets, the report said.

“Largely, I’m looking at the focus of attracting foreign firms, within Asia to come into Singapore, to establish their global trading hub in Singapore. This is also to further strengthen Singapore’s initiative to make Singapore an international financial trading hub,” said Eric Neo, CEO and founder of Neo & Partners Global.

The platform offers a wide range of asset classes including equities, futures, foreign currencies and options. It aims to help asset managers and traders to have rapid access to the Singapore Exchange and other major global exchanges through customized automated trading applications.

Mr. Chew Sutat, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Clients at SGX, said, “We welcome Neo & Partners Global to our marketplace and for introducing an innovative trading approach. This initiative complements SGX’s ongoing commitment to expand the trading community and support trading professionals as they increasingly step up their participation in our securities and derivatives markets.”

The Trading Atrium has a total of 52 professionally equipped dealing desks that can accommodate up to nine trading institutions, with a multi-media boardroom and ergonomically designed breakout area. Such first-of-its-kind human-centric design spaces encourage professional knowledge transfer and interaction among the Atrium’s trading community.

Could this be a general trend coming worldwide? It has become popular in the tech space for shared offices that includes creative people, development, and other freelance business types in need of standard office room. One can only the imagine the possibilities of this moving from small start-up funds up to institutional firms involving all asset classes in different locations worldwide as a place to run a successful prop, money management business and a place where talent from all asset classes can collaborate in an open system environment of ideas. Singapore it seems for now, has the head start on this model for the finance and trading world.

Mr. Eric Neo Say Wei, CEO and Founder of Neo & Partners Global, concludes, “The design philosophy of the Trading Atrium is motivated by the fact that the sum of the parts must be greater than the whole. We offer a 360° business environment that covers all aspects of an electronic trading ecosystem that empowers the trading community to operate more profitably, that adds depth to the industry and promotes sustainable growth.”


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