Your Bourse introduces free version of the Cloud Portal

Trade execution technology company Your Bourse today announced the launch of a free version of the Cloud Portal.

Brokers usually use the Cloud Portal to configure and access all Your Bourse Components, such as: matching engine, MT4 Bridge, MT5 Gateway, FIX API Server, Reporting, Risk Management, etc.

The new account allows users to test new features added to the platform like floating leverage, floating commission and dividend adjustments. The free account’s functionality is limited so that users can benefit from features not directly associated with Your Bourse trade execution engine.

According to the official announcement shared with LeapRate, the Initial phase will include the dividend adjustment free of charge. This will be available for an unlimited period of time and Your Bourse noted that the other features will follow later on.

Your Bourse

The dividend adjustments plug-in for MT4 and MT5 provides brokerages the option to schedule the dividend adjustments for all open positions automatically. The feature can be applied to a specified group of instruments, or clients – as well as real time, bulk execution. The design of the plug-in takes into consideration server load while adjustments so that brokers do not have to worry about server issues.

The Your Bourse dividend adjustments plug-in is independent of MT4 or MT5 and the installation of other products is not needed, and does not affect the MT4/MT5 bridge operations, or other factors concerning the platform.

Additionally, Your Bourse hinted that there will be new feature releases coming soon.

The company stated:

Your Bourse is endlessly committed to providing the best features to assist forex brokers to focus on their dealing room operations efficiently, and saving time; as a result, there will certainly be more broker-centric feature releases to try in the future, accessible & testable via the Your Bourse free account – so stay tuned for the latest news concerning Your Bourse and exciting feature releases in the near future!

Earlier in January, Your Bourse today revealed two new features of execution engine and risk management platform – floating leverage and floating commissions. The firm also added the automation tool Corporate Actions to its main platform, helping MT4/5 brokers operate more efficiently by planning and automating such actions like dividends adjustments.


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