Tools For Brokers announces latest iteration of its PAMM system

Tools For Brokers announces latest iretation of its PAMM system

International forex technology company, Tools For Brokers, just announced the latest iteration of its Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM).

First launched in early 2019, PAMM enables money managers to trade for investors and receive commission for management and/or for execution.

PAMM is a multi-component system, allowing brokers to increase trading volume by attracting experienced traders and investors. The system also provides managers with tools to track statistics, ratings and reviews from investors in real time and is designed to work with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

Data is processed and calculated in a database separate from the MetaTrader platform, significantly increasing speed, efficiency and minimal load. Information can be imported from multiple MetaTrader servers into a single PAMM database, making the system highly customizable, and easily integrated with existing CRM and back-office operations.

Commenting on the latest release of PAMM, Alexey Kutsenko, CEO of Tools For Brokers, said:

Money managers can access all of MT4’s functionalities through the system. But, by offering access to real-time analytics in simple graphical displays and statistical breakdowns, PAMM significantly increases the efficiency of their work.

Investor accounts and the accompanying calculations – of equity or profit, for example – are stored and processed in an external database, separate to a MetaTrader trading platform,” he adds. “This enables PAMM to operate far beyond that platform’s technical capability, processing several times more trading operations than MetaTrader 4 could over the same time period.

Investors have the opportunity to create a personal account in which they can choose a money manager; supporting multiple accounts, PAMM provides statistics for individual accounts or for all accounts at once, both in real-time and for past performance if required.

According to Alexey Kutsenko:

By allowing investors to connect to and disconnect from accounts based on performance, PAMM will ultimately improve the overall efficiency of the management they receive.

Tools for Brokers offers the opportunity to upgrade and transition from its Ultimate Multi Account Manager (UMAM) plugin to the PAMM system.

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