Tools For Brokers adds unlimited LP and order flow functionality to Trade Processor

tools for brokers trade processor

Cyprus-based brokerage technology solutions provider Tools For Brokers has announced that it has expanded its range of solutions with its Trade Processor product, enabling unlimited liquidity providers connections as well as order flows configuration and the ability to switch between liquidities.

According to T4B, Trade Processor is a complete, customisable and secure system that can be integrated with MT4 and MT5: it combines a risk-free liquidity bridge and market-making order pool. Released at the start of 2018, Trade Processor is constantly being refined with new features. It opens brokers up to new opportunities. Tools For Brokers has just announced new functionalities for Trade Processor.

To date, the company stated that Trade Processor is the only system that can accommodate an unlimited number of liquidity providers. Brokers can use it to simulate an infinite number of scenarios for controlling the flow of orders. Trade Processor can function simultaneously with providers of forex and crypto liquidity, allowing brokers to combine these two classes of an instrument in one IT solution and expand the range of symbols offered for clients.

Trade Processor also helps brokers manage order flows. A broker can use the system to set rules for routing, seamlessly changing the flow of transactions from one liquidity provider to another. An unlimited number of customised rules can be set, and their priorities changed instantly. These and other settings for connecting to and managing liquidity are placed conveniently in Trade Processor’s interface: the whole system is simple to use and customise for the end user.

Albina Zhdanova COO at Tools for Brokers Inc

Albina Zhdanova, Tools for Brokers

Albina Zhdanova, Tools For Brokers COO stated:

Trade Processor is a complex product that covers the most important aspects of brokerage. A transition to a new liquidity bridge is definitely a serious decision for a broker: it needs some groundwork. Still, from the first day of acquaintance with Trade Processor, we offer complete support 24 hours a day. Maintenance also includes training for the broker’s team and monitoring performance after installation – Tools For Brokers is ready to offer a complete package.

Tools For Brokers provides innovative software solutions to brokers of financial derivatives: the company has a wide range of turnkey solutions and responsive software for the trading platforms MT4 and MT5. The company’s main market-driven products are 1) Brokers Business Intelligence which includes risk management utilities and regulatory reporting, 2) Tools For Brokers’ PAMM tool helps to support managed accounts, and 3) Trade Processor functions to combine risk-free bridges with market-making order pools.

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