Edgewater Markets teams up with OpenFin for enhanced FX trading desktop capabilities

Technology provider Edgewater Markets has announced its partnership with OpenFin to provide extended native desktop capabilities for FX traders. As a result of the collaboration, the full suite of Edgewater Markets products is available on OpenFin.

The migration to OpenFin was driven by customer demand based on browser workflow limitations. OpenFin allows Edgewater Markets to deliver a more flexible UX. Users such as Tier 1 and 2 banks, emerging market and regional banks, macro funds, high frequency funds, pension funds, and corporates can now customize their workspace.

Edgewater Markets products on OpenFin can be fully paired with the existing browser version. Additionally, OpenFin’s flagship OS allows Edgewater Markets’ customers to take advantage of an enhanced UX/UI experience across the desktop, such as window management for efficient workflows and desktop real estate management, while maintaining enterprise grade security, zero install, memory retention and native desktop capabilities.

Brian Andreyko, CFA, Chief Product Officer at Edgewater Markets, said:

Brian Andreyko, Edgewater Markets

Brian Andreyko

Our clients needed more robust windowing performance from our platform. Since partnering with OpenFin, users have been very happy with the enhanced user experience due to window management capabilities, and have seen an upgrade in performance of data delivery as a result. Our development team was able to deliver the solution within four weeks utilizing the OpenFin framework, and we were off and running.

Adam Toms, CEO – Europe, OpenFin, added:

Adam Toms, OpenFin

Adam Toms
Source: LinkedIn

Edgewater Markets plays a valuable role in helping FX traders access liquidity in emerging markets areas. Connectivity to OpenFin has helped Edgewater clients to have better control over their desktop real estate and perform more efficiently overall.

Edgewater Markets on OpenFin was launched in the third quarter of last year. Since then, it has been deployed into production accessible from its data centers in New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore.

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