Holding Investment, G.R.C Trustee and others appear on FMA warning list

New Zealand Financial Markets Authority added Holding Investment, G.R.C Trustee, Alioth Club, Promarkets, Coinvest, ICX Capital Ltd and AFOManagement to its warning list.

The New Zealand regulator has advised people to operate with caution when dealing with the foreign exchange dealers due to concerns they may be involved or operating a scam.

The regulator reported the following details of the two companies:

Holding Investment

Website: https://holdinginvestment.ltd/
Phone: +1 281 909 4553
Email: [email protected]

Holding Investment is falsely claiming to be associated to Holding Investment (2002) and that it is licensed in New Zealand.

FMA warning

G.R.C Trustee

Website: https://www.grctrustee.com/
Phone: +1 281 909 4553
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

G.R.C Trustee is not associated with GRC Investments Limited. The company is also falsely claiming to be regulated in New Zealand.

Alioth Club

Websites: https://alioth.club/, https://www.facebook.com/groups/476719049803295/ and https://www.facebook.com/Alioth-Club-Official-106572801144899/
Phone: +447494870772, +447494870903
Email[email protected], [email protected]

Alioth Club is not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand. As such, we recommend exercising caution when dealing with this entity.

ICX Capital Ltd (currently known as嘉盛国际)

Associated Name: EMCM Ltd (www.emcmltd.com/sc/index.php); LX Markets (www.lx-markets.com)
Website: www.icxfor.com; www.icxcl.com (non-operational)
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

ICX Capital Ltd purports to be operated by ICX Capital Limited and EMCM Limited respectively.

ICX Capital Limited and EMCM Limited are not subject to regulation in New Zealand and they are not supervised the FMA. There is also no regulator named as “New Zealand Financial Service Provider”.

ICX Capital Limited and EMCM Limited are not associated with New Zealand incorporated company and registered financial service provider, Tenda Group Limited.



Website: www.promarketsonline.com
Email[email protected]

Promarkets is not registered on the FSPR and not an incorporated company in New Zealand. The company has also been falsely advertising showing New Zealand celebrities promoting Promarkets.

Individuals from Promarkets have then been contacting New Zealanders claiming they can gain high profits/yields and are endorsed by New Zealand celebrities which has the hallmarks of a scam.


Website: https://coinvest.ltd
Phone: +1(540)858 5068
Email: [email protected]

Coinvest‘s website displays a company certificate of incorporation, as evidence of a license which is false. The website is not associated with New Zealand incorporated company, Coinvest Limited. The website is not subject to any regulation in New Zealand.


Website: www.afomanagement.com
Phone: Hong Kong: 00852 8170 0181
United Kingdom: 0044 208 895 6597
New Zealand: 09 88 441 54
Australia: +61 2 9099 1692
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

AFOManagement representatives have offered a New Zealand investor various allegedly fake financial products and asked the investor to transfer funds into a bank account in the name of a third party below and then withheld the investor’s funds.

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong has cautioned the public about the suspicious website on 20 August 2020 and noted that the website is not associated with AFO Management Limited, which is an SFC-licensed corporation.

The regulator provided details of the bank account used by the entity:

Beneficiary: L.A.D. Company Limited
Beneficiary address: 2A Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok, HongKong
Bank name: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank address: 1 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong
Account number: 124340761838

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