Your Bourse releases new risk management tool

Your Bourse has revealed its latest risk management tool. Scheduler that provides flexibility for brokers looking to optimize their risk management strategies.

The trade execution technology company allows brokers to schedule automatic changes in risk management settings for different periods of time. These changes can also be set off by certain market events. This provides brokers with an effective way to manage any execution parameters including markups, spreads, routing rules, volume increments, etc.

For instance, brokers can schedule automatic addition of markups to some trading instruments during a period of extreme volatility, following news announcements or other planned market events. This platform functionality and helps brokers manage execution across all asset classes and multiple liquidity providers automatically.

Your Bourse

Andrey Vedikhin, Founder and CEO/CTO Your Bourse, commented:

Andrey Vedikhin, Your Bourse

Andrey Vedikhin
Source: LinkedIn

We noticed that market trends in 2022 include brokers managing their risk more closely and looking to make more informed decisions and act immediately upon them. Your Bourse’s scheduler complements the company’s existing data analytics tools, so brokers can perform analysis of their historical data to adjust their risk management strategies for future events and therefore support their goals to drive profitability.

This addition to Your Bourse’s Platform-as-a-Service helps brokers optimize trade execution. With the new enhancement, they can also manage market exposure risk including force major events like a liquidity provider downtime through automatically switching price feed to other liquidity providers.


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