Tools for Brokers’ new release of Trade Processor features synthetic liquidity

The international technology company Tools for Brokers has revealed a new version of the Trade Processor liquidity bridge.

The new version includes synthetic instruments, improvements in automation and several technical enhancements.

The main feature in the new release of the Trade Processor is the support of synthetic instruments. This kind of liquidity helps brokers and hedge funds create new instruments based on two or more existing ones.

Synthetic instruments help brokers expand their existing offerings. These instruments provide traders with unique currency pairs, making them more competitive. The synthetic instrument feature is only available for Trade Processor customers at the moment.

Alexey Kutsenko, the CEO of TFB, commented:

Synthetic instruments are a great addition to the Trade Processor bridge that allows brokers to offer more to their traders within their existing environment. We believe that adding more functionality to Trade Processor and making it more powerful is ultimately beneficial for all our clients, and we will continue to expand its capabilities with future releases.

The new release also features support for simultaneous multiple symbols processing by A/B-book and Volume Transfer tools, new quote statistics filters, and the export and import of LP symbols.

A few more liquidities are also now covered in the solution including ActivFinancial, XValley, Bita, Leverate, DxFeed, Valutrades, BlueOrange, and MorningStar.

Earlier in February, Tools for Brokers appointed Vahab Hasiri as Head of Business Development MENA.

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