Menu unveils MT5 broker solutions including Bonus and Multi Level Commission Manager

Forex trading platform developer MetaQuotes just announced that (formerly known as Tools for Brokers) has developed a set of solutions for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to provide brokers with additional services and simplify their transition to the new technology. For the last seven years, the integrator team has been developing MetaTrader 4 plugins for over 250 companies around the world and has been among the first tech providers that recognized the potential of the next-generation multi-asset platform.

The offered institutional solutions for MetaTrader 5 brokers include:

  • Bonus Manager for reducing risks by canceling credit bonuses in case of unfavorable conditions
  • Multi-Level Agent Commission for creating a hierarchical partnership system
  • PAMM for creating an asset management system on the server
  • Bridge Aggregator — the gateway for connecting multiple platforms (MetaTrader 4/5) to multiple liquidity providers
Aleksey Kutsenko

Our company has an exceptionally positive experience of working with MetaTrader 5″, — says Aleksey Kutsenko, the founder and CEO of Tools for Brokers. “MetaQuotes Software has developed a brand new product featuring significant advantages in terms of convenience and functionality. I believe, MetaTrader 5 is a must for all brokers really planning for the future.

Among the other benefits of the platform, the team highlights the ability to select between aggregate and hedging positions on client accounts. This function allows for efficient arrangement of work on several financial markets simultaneously: ​Forex, CFDs, stocks and futures. Thus, the platform is able to meet the requirements of a wide variety of customers – from novice traders to hedge funds and large institutional clients.

Besides, the developers from point out that unlike MetaTrader 4, the new platform has a modular architecture and its various components can be installed on different physical servers:

  • this capability improves the platform performance and resilience: if one component suddenly fails, others continue working and
  • this means better protection against DDOS attacks since it is much more difficult to attack multiple servers at once.

According to the integrator company team, another advantage of MetaTrader 5 is that the 64-bit version of the server allows using a larger amount of RAM for storing considerable data volumes, as well as rendering services to more simultaneously connected clients.

This year, the further development of MetaTrader 5 additions and plug-ins will be one of our key areas”, — added Aleksey Kutsenko. “Tools for Brokers is ready to provide any services related to the platform support and development of necessary solutions.

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