Solitics integrates with third-party content providers Trading Central, AutoChartist and others

Solitics’ integration with third-party content providers allows brokers to provide added value to their traders in need of up-to-date information on the commodities they invest in. Solitics makes data from third-party tools such as Trading Central, AutoChartist and SignalCentre accessible in real time

Trading regulation prevents brokers from offering bonuses, making it important for them to provide added value. Solitics helps them with that by enabling them to leverage the power of data in one place. Companies that are using Solitics today generate over 15% growth in revenue and increasing customer conversion and retention rates due to Solitics’ ability to integrate with any data source, including third-party content providers.

The third-party content providers offer API and integration options to brokers, however, the process presents other challenges. Integration with these tools requires brokers to invest significant resources and time in development and QA. Even after integration, using that data becomes another challenge. Presenting the information to the right traders based on their interests, at the right time and on the right channels.

This is where Solitics comes in to help brokers access and use the data they have obtained properly so that they can benefit from it.

Solitics integrates with third-party content providers Trading Central, AutoChartist and others

Solitics is a real-time data management and marketing automation platform, already integrated with various third-party tools and providers.

With Solitics, companies can create dynamic segmentations, updated automatically based on their traders’ progress and behavior. Furthermore, customers can be targeted based on actions and member attributes. This enables brokers to create personalized customer journeys for each trader based on their interests, progress and behavior, and respond in real time to all their actions or inactions. For example, if a trader is only interested in gold and the price of gold just changed, they will automatically get a notification letting them know about it with content adjusted to their specific behavioral history.

Real-time updates and breaking news encourage traders to continue trading and staying engaged with the broker. Solitics enables brokers to present these notifications on any channel, from emails and SMS to push notifications and even in-site popups, including on the Metatrader application. Traders can get relevant popups with critical information while they’re on the site, when it matters, which significantly increases the chances of them to take action.

Trading companies working with Solitics benefit from one platform managing all of their data, as well as marketing automation tools and integrations needed to plan, automate, and execute their data-driven marketing strategies.

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