Solitics integrates live messages on the MT4 and MT5 desktop app

Management & real-time marketing automation platform Solitics announced that it supports live contextual pop-up messages on the MT4 and MT5 desktop app through an integration with CPattern.

This new channel, together with Solitics’ real time data management & automation platform, offers new opportunities for increased engagement and revenue uplifts.

Brokers can now communicate with their traders in real-time, based on their historical data and live actions within the MetaTrader app.

They can now give updates on live market events, margin calls, trading trends and professional trading tips, without any integration efforts from the brokers’ side.

The two-way integration enables brokers to provide personalized trading tips based on the traders’ interests and trading activity.

Solitics integrates live contextual pop-up messages on the MT4 and MT5 desktop app through CPattern

The Solitics’ platform connects to all distributed data sources, works with the raw data and makes it available in real-time.

It combining this with a range marketing and communication channels and in this way creates an automation and personalization tool that enables forex companies to respond personally and contextually to each trader within 1.8 seconds.

Marketers can now create real-time customer journeys, dynamic segmentation and content, personalized promotions, based on all data and in real-time.

Solitics’ Founder and CEO, Tomer Baumel, commented:

Tomer Baumel, Solitics

Tomer Baumel
Source: LinkedIn

We are always striving to enrich our platform capabilities and offer the best solutions to our customers, with the new Metatrader integration, brokers have new capabilities that enhance their personalization efforts enabling them to target their traders at the right time with the right content and in the right place.

This new channel further expands the impact Solitics offers brokers. It is part of Solitics’ mission to change the way B2C brands use their data and create a positive personal customer experience for their clients.

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