Exclusive: FX broker ATFX teams up with Autochartist

LeapRate Exclusive… ATFX has just announced that it has teamed up with the automated market analysis software provider Autochartist to offer trading analysis to its clients in China.

Autochartist offers market analysis in 28 different languages, which combined with more than 14 languages that ATFX already offers, will give ATFX clients a wide range of language options. The initial service offering will be in English and Chinese, with additional languages over time. China is the first region ATFX will implement this service technology in. It will be followed by the advanced version that will go to the global market.

Autochartist provides a wide range of content and multiple types of analysis for all levels of traders, from beginners to advanced. As well as technical features such as chart pattern recognition, Fibonacci patterns, horizontal levels, fundamental analysis, volatility analysis, and macro-economic analysis, ATFX clients will now be able to use trade setups and learn the importance of appropriate position sizing, how to manage risk when using market or pending orders, and how to trade upcoming market events.

The provision of risk management tools within the Autochartist trading platform allows traders to immediately see what’s at risk in a predetermined currency value. The platform also offers education for beginners on market volatility and how to maximise profits during volatile markets. Less experienced traders will learn how to set their stop-loss and take-profit orders based on their analysis of an asset’s volatility. Traders shall also learn how to maximise the opportunities presented by over-bought and over-sold market conditions to reap significant profits in the markets. 

Beginners will understand about pip values and how they can use them to manage risk properly. This is in addition to using a risk calculator and historical price ranges as part of their risk management plan.

Autochartist continuously scans all of ATFX’s instruments at the same time and will provide a trading opportunity every 15 minutes. This works out as 96 per day because it’s done on the following timeframes; 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H and DAILY. You’ll get notifications via a mobile app to make sure you don’t miss a trade. Autochartist content is delivered through email, on the MT4/5 platform and in the Client portal. 

ATFX clients will learn how to combine indicators to provide the best quality trade setups, use their own statistics to better understand their performance and will also have access to training webinars.

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