Autochartist’s market analysis tool now fully operational within TraderEvolution

Autochartist's market analysis tool now fully operational within TraderEvolution

Autochartist, the automated market analysis software provider, just announced that its has integrated its market analysis tool into the TraderEvolution multi-market trading platform.

Autochartist’s automated market analysis software suite is now fully operational within TraderEvolution and opens new retention and acquisition funnels for all brokers that choose to adopt it.

Commenting on the milestone, the CEO of TraderEvolution, Roman Nalivayko, said:

We are very pleased to have integrated one of the most established market analysis services in the trading industry. This milestone demonstrates the extensive capabilities of our trading platform and delivers to our customers a proven retention and acquisition tool.

We are confident that TraderEvolution is well on its way to become an indispensable tool for all brokers looking to deliver an exciting and innovative trading platform to their customers,” Mr Nalivayko elaborated.

The Autochartist software suite detects and visualizes high-value trade setups in real-time throughout the trading day, enabling traders to conveniently scan multiple timeframes across different asset classes.

Ilan Azbel, CEO of the Autochartist group of companies, commented:

Deep integration of market analysis should be a vital component of every broker’s trading platform strategy. Keeping traders within the Broker’s environment is a key aspect of customer retention and engagement. TraderEvolution enables exactly this indispensable feature.

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