Edgewater Markets launches trading platform EdgeFXLatam

Technology provider Edgewater Markets announced today launching EdgeFXLatam powered by Edgewater Markets’ low latency proprietary technology.

Edgewater Markets was founded in 2009 and since then it has been a trusted provider of forex services to more than 300 global institutional clients. The company provides complete software solutions for banks, asset managers, brokers and other financial institutions to efficiently access and price into global markets.

Edgewater Markets utilizes technology advancements with flexible architectural design and has adapted the proprietary technology specifically for the Latin American markets to optimize trading and expand distribution.

Edgewater Markets launches trading platform EdgeFXLatam

Robert Sanchez, Head of Latam Marketsfor Edgewater Markets said:

Robert Sanchez, Edgewater Markets

Robert Sanchez

We are excited to be able to offer a solution exclusively for Latam market participant. The product has been designed in conjunction with our clients and local partners to fully address the unique requirements of each market, while providing the tools and distribution services needed to extend the local market capabilities into the global NDF marketplace.

The platform is the first to offer local participants streamed price technology that integrates the local markets with the greater FX community, enabling banks to automate and optimize transaction flow with local clients, as well as utilizing local market knowledge to price the global NDF markets. The solution is customized for each local marketplace, built for traders utilizing a simplified User Interface (UI) that provides manual interaction with dynamic pricing and hedging strategies. The solution’s modular design can be taken in whole or in part, and includes connectivity, aggregation, market making, distribution, order management, order routing, automated hedging, a branded and customized HTML5 user interface, switch bank functionality, straight through processing and enhanced risk management.

Brian Andreyko, Edgewater’s Chief Product Officer, commented:

Brian Andreyko, Edgewater Markets

Brian Andreyko

We were able to leverage the flexible architecture of our proprietary software to deliver a solution quickly and effectively, that can be further customized to adapt to each client’s unique needs, brand and workflow. We are committed to partnering with our clients, enabling them to increase and optimize their trade flow utilizing the best technology available to transact their business.

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