Dukascopy releases its own branded MT4 trading platform solution

Ending one of the longest holdouts in the Retail FX sector, Geneva based broker Dukascopy has announced that it is launching MetaTrader 4 trading for its clients – at this stage for demo trading, but with plans to go live soon.

Dukascopy, which reported declining Revenues and a $2.4 million loss in 2017, is one of the few global Retail FX brokers to have gone (until now) all-in on its own proprietary trading platform, JForex, which it also white-labels to other brokers.

Dukascopy said that it is expanding access to the company’s SWFX Swiss Marketplace by adding the popular MT4 trading platform. Accounts with MetaTrader4 platform access will include 41 of the most popular FX instruments, including Gold. Dukascopy said that it will be gradually expanding the list of instruments available. The full list of instruments which includes 500+ instruments including FX, Metals, CFDs on commodities (Oil, Gas, and Copper), indexes and single stocks remains available in the company’s JForex3 trading platform.

Dukascopy said that it remains committed to its proprietary JForex3 trading platform, and will continue its support and development as the main trading facility. Dukascopy apparently has decided to respond to demand emanating from the trading community to provide MT4. There were already a few third-party solutions providing access to Dukascopy liquidity for the MT4 platform but now for the first time in the company’s history, Dukascopy is releasing its own branded MT4 solution.

Dukascopy clients can now open a demo MT4 account to get familiar with the platform. The full integration of MetaTrader4 for Live trading in Dukascopy Bank is expected around July 1st. Development is underway to make MetaTrader4 available to Dukascopy Europe, Dukascopy Japan, and other White Label partners.

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