Devexperts rolls out second update of the DXtrade platform

Software provider for the capital markets industry Devexperts has deployed a set of updates for DXtrade, a SaaS trading platform for FX/CFD brokers.

The trading platform DXtrade was designed for new and expanding brokers, including those seeing DXtrade as a kick-start for their business and those looking to add an established platform to their current software range. For brokers’ dealers and administrators, DXtrade offers a functional and customizable backend to help set up risk management or segment their traders. For traders, the platform features useful widgets including Trading Journal or Dashboard that visualize performance.

Devexperts rolls out second update of the DXtrade Platform

The second update includes features designed specifically for brokers, such as:

  1. Management of subscription to 3rd-party services
  2. Ex-Dividends widget in DXmc (management console)
  3. Cash Movements widget in DXmc

For traders, the Devexperts team have rolled out the following with the new update:

  1. Improved UX/UI in the web platform for adding widgets and auto-resize columns
  2. Small improvements of the Economic Calendar
  3. Filter by asset class in table filters
  4. Watchlist UI improvements (improved buy/sell buttons)
  5. Gross Net P&L in Trades/Order history
  6. Open Live account and EULA link

DXtrade’s next update, planned for December, will be devoted to the mobile app. The last testing stage is almost finalized. Devexperts has given their mobile app a total redo and it now contains desired by the users features.

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