cTrader Live Chat to be integrated with Blinger.io

cTrader Live Chat to be integrated with Blinger.io

Trading solutions provider Spotware announced earlier today that it has teamed up up with Blinger.io, the omnichannel solution for customer communication, to deliver customer support on the cTrader trading platform.

The plan involves an integration of cTrader Live Chat with Blinger.io, which will allow cTrader Live Chat to become one of Blinger.io’s channels, so brokers will be able to engage with their clients on cTrader Live Chat directly within the Blinger.io interface. Clients, on the other hand, will get many more options to contact their broker.

Blinger.io combines the most popular messaging apps and social networks, allowing brokers to manage all conversations in one interface.

Evgeny Besschastnov, the CEO at Blinger.io, commented:

We are thrilled to cooperate with Spotware on the inclusion of cTrader Live Chat in the mix of messaging channels available in Blinger.io! It’s our next conscious step in the fintech industry, which aims at providing cTrader platform users with a convenient solution for customer support, combining the benefits of cTrader Live Chat, messaging apps and social networks.

Alexander Geralis, the Business Development Manager at Spotware, added:

In such a dynamic market like Forex, excellent customer support is a must for any broker. cTrader has already been offering a Live Chat add-on feature to its brokers. Thanks to the Blinger.io integration, in addition to cTrader Live Chat, brokers can consolidate their communications into one platform. Moreover, brokers will never feel the strain of adding another custom support touchpoint, thus supporting the adoption of the cTrader Live Chat feature. This is a great competitive advantage for our clients.

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